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All our Activities are guided on request 

Feel the African Safari adventures at best...


More Exciting Activities

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is the home of Safari Adventures and you will have a memorable experience


Gorges Activities

This is the longest Zip Line (Foofie Slide) ride in the world. Imagine the adrenalin rush traveling a speed of 106 km’s hurtling 425m across the gorge, while suspended 120m above the breath taking beauty of the Zambezi water below!

As the river zigzags down the Batoka Gorges, our cable is suspended across from one side to the other. For this product you are harnessed and attached to a pulley, then launched over the edge picking up speed as you descend over the water and reaching a speed of 106 km an hour.

Minimum age: There is something for every age, level of madness and courage, from the very young and timid to the elderly.
There is no age limit on these activities, however, at managements discretion children may be required to travel in a double harness with an adult.


Swimming Pool Lunch

Enjoy tasty snack by the pool at Ilala Lodge


Game Drive

Game viewing has never been better in any part of the world nowhere else than Zimbabwe's renowned Hwange National Park. Vested with scenic views of natural habitats to the Big Five animal group be sure to bring in your cameras. Hwange National Park is the best park where you will meet all the animal kingdoms of Zimbabwe under one ecosystem of interdependence and vibrancy. Feeling the need to venture outside of the tourist hub that is Victoria Falls? We’ve got the solution for you. Unlike most tour operators, Epic Wild Adventures offers an enticing day trip from Victoria Falls to the Hwange National Park on a 2 hour drive from Victoria Falls into the Hwange National Park. The National Park also features massive herds of buffalo, sable, zebra, and giraffe.



Take on the Sun-downer Boat Cruise with refreshments


Flight Of Angels

12/13 Minute Flight

After take off the helicopter turns out towards the magnificent Victoria Falls, our pilot will fly left and right hand circuits over the Victoria Falls in both directions giving you the best viewing, photographic and filming opportunities. A trip up the Zambezi River and back over the Zambezi National Park

25 Minute Flight

After take off you will fly out over the Victoria Falls where our pilot will fly left and right hand circuits over the Victoria Falls in both directions. Continuing the flight downstream over the Batoka Gorge, experience the natural beauty of this awe-inspiring dramatic feature, following the mighty Zambezi River, as it carves its way through the steep cliffs.
As we head back we fly over the upper Zambezi River & the National Park, home to a wide variety of wildlife species.


Tiger fishing

Tiger and Zambezi Bream fishing is a must for fish mongers



Bridge Activities

Enjoy these and many more activities at the Victoria Falls Bridge


Bunjee Jump

Jump into the rainbow at the Worlds greatest Bungee Jump. The original, the one and only, the must do, the ultimate thrill! 4 seconds of free fall, 111m of Pure Adrenalin! Off the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, with a spectacular backdrop of the majestic Victoria Falls, move to the edge, arms out and 5-4-3-2-1- BUNGEE leaving yourself plummeting towards the rumbling waters of the rapids of the Zambezi River and let the adrenaline flow. For the more experienced, speak to your Jump Master and make it more adventurous by doing an Ankle-tied Back-flip or Star Elevator...

Only Bungee in Victoria Falls!.


Flying Fox

Fly across the bridge and enjoy


Tandem Gorge Swing

Gorge swing is great and very much thrilling ,swing with your partner 

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